Our high capacity offering which includes both anaerobic digestion and in-vessel composting, allows us to convert your recycled food and green waste into beneficial outputs, including high quality, graded compost, nitrogen rich fertiliser and green renewable power.

Food Waste Recycling

At Earnside Energy we understand the importance of ensuring your food waste is given a second reusable life. We are significant supporters of reducing the volume of food waste going to landfill. 


The Scottish Government’s key target is to reduce the nation’s food waste by 33% by 2025. With strict food waste recycling Laws now in place which are enforced by SEPA, the recovery of food waste has never been more important for businesses. We can ensure that your excess waste is transformed, through a step-process, into environmentally friendly outputs including green energy, compost, and high-quality organic fertilisers.


To ensure peace of mind we can arrange for a waste audit to be carried out as well as advise on the right size of containers you will need, and the optimum waste scheduling service for your business. 

Green Waste Recycling

Currently, the Government is increasing its emphasis on the country becoming a “Zero Waste Society”. With strict regulations now in place regarding how  businesses disposes of waste in an environmentally sustainable and ecological way. This is therefor the perfect time to have a chat with the team at Earnside Energy regarding your green waste recycling needs. 


Importantly for you, we manage everything and arrange a regular pick up service of your excess green waste. We will have it transported to our recycling plant near Glenfarg in rural Perthshire, and through our six step, in-vessel composting process we can produce superior quality, graded compost.


The successful end output of our processes is a nitrogen rich, ecological and chemical-free compost. Through our In-Vessel composting processes we produce around 200,000 tonnes of high-quality topsoil annually.
This contributes towards the use of ecological organic soil initiatives, within the British food production industry.


Our on-site Anaerobic Digestion facility based in rural Perthshire, can produce, through a three-stage process, digestate which is used within the agricultural industry. This nitrogen-rich digestate is an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic fertilisers that are often used within modern farming practices.


Our customers can therefore be confident that their business is fully compliant with all waste recycling laws and regulations. Safe in the knowledge that after minimisation, your food waste is being managed through a compliant process, producing green energy and organic fertiliser, which is a demonstrable commitment to the natural environment.