At Earnside Energy we specialise in transforming organic waste such as food and garden waste into useful resources; primarily compost products that go back into agriculture to grow organic crops, and green energy, that helps secure Scotland’s future renewable energy requirements.


Food Waste Scotland

Both  Binn Group and Earnside Energy operate from the Binn Eco-Park just outside Perth. Binn Group have invested in a number of new food waste collection vehicles enlarging their existing fleet whilst Earnside Energy has recently completed an expansion of their existing AD facility, doubling the volume of waste food that can be compliantly processed to 30,000t per annum.


The Food Waste Scotland campaign is designed to reach out across Scotland offering any business producing waste food with a cost-effective and compliant solution. Since 2016 it has been a legal requirement for all businesses generating more than just 5kg of waste food to segregate this away from other wastes and to ensure it is collected separately.


Utilising our brand-new fleet of food collection vehicles and our specialist food recycling partners, with proven long-term capacity, you can be confident we are the right food waste recycling team to cater to your exacting needs and requirements.

Food Waste Recycling

At Earnside Energy we understand the importance of ensuring your food waste is treated as a valuable resource. We can help reduce the volume of waste going to landfill and incineration. 


The Scottish Government’s key target is to reduce the nation’s food waste by 33% by 2025. With strict food waste recycling laws now in place, which are enforced by SEPA, the recovery of food waste has never been more important for businesses and households. We can ensure that your excess waste is transformed, through a step-process, into environmentally friendly outputs including green energy, compost, and high-quality organic fertilisers (digestate).


To ensure peace-of-mind we can arrange for a waste audit to be carried out, as well as provide advice on the size of containers you will need, whether this is a single wheelie bin or a large bulk container.

Food & Green Co-Mingled Waste

Recently the Government has increased its emphasis on the country becoming a “Zero Waste Society”. At Earnside Energy we cater for local authorities that have elected to co-mingle their food waste arisings, with an existing green waste collection scheme.


Our in-vessel composting process has been operational since 2005, providing a useful and reliable service for local authorities. This transforms co-mingled food & green waste into high-quality compost, that is then used by the local agricultural community around Perthshire.



Green Power

 The biogas produced through our Anaerobic Digestion process is used to power two CHP engines, which in turn produce renewable heat and electricity, which is exported to the local electrical grid.


Our plant produces enough renewable green electricity to power around 4000 homes across Scotland.


The biogas produced through our process can also be upgraded to biomethane which can then be pressurised. This compressed biomethane product can be used as a renewable transport fuel, as an alternative to fossil fuel derived diesel.




The output of our In-Vessel composting process is a nitrogen rich,  chemical-free organic compost. Our process has the capacity to produce around 50,000t per annum of high-quality compost, which is used by the local farming community as an alternative to synthetic nitrogen. Importantly our compost is PAS-100 and QMS accredited.


Our Anaerobic Digestion facility based in rural Perthshire produces a PAS-110 and QMS approved digestate, which is used within the local agricultural industry. This nitrogen-rich liquid digestate is an environmentally friendly alternative to synthetic fertilisers that are often used in modern farming practices. Earnside can arrange for the transportation and spreading of the liquid digestate within the local area.